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Today, only Justin Bieber comes close in terms of passionate fandom – but to be frank, he and the Beliebers often seem bizarre and unhinged. I Think I Love You – never have the conundrums of fledgling romance been so sweetly and acutely expressed.In comparison, David Cassidy’s songs plugged straight into the heart of the tentative yearnings of innocent little girl-ings, unsure and unschooled in the ways of love. For the lovelorn amongst our sorority there was the rainbow-chasing song Daydreamer.Over the weekend, David Cassidy hovered on the brink of death in a Florida hospital.In his private room, the former teen idol was induced into a medical coma.Only now do I realise that this was base camp for the ascent into addiction to follow. Cassidy was an intelligent man who came to loathe the constriction of teenybop fame – he wanted to be taken seriously as an actor and a musician, but that never happened, not really.

When a fan was killed in the crush at one of his London concerts in 1974, Cassidy retired and went into a long, mental decline.It has been blessed.’He couldn’t have known back then that the worst chapter was yet to come. Or that someone who had put so much happiness into the world would ultimately reap so little of it himself. Back then, we had Charlie perfume on our wrists, strawberry-flavoured gloss on our lips and David Cassidy on our bedroom walls.With his puka shell necklaces and appliquéd dungarees, he was the floppy-haired fount of a million schoolgirl crushes.

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His publicist said that there was nothing ‘imminent’ about Cassidy’s condition, despite the failure of his liver and kidneys.