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It is true that Jesus would be blaspheming, per the teachers of religious law in this passage, if Jesus was not God.

So, perhaps for some reading this blog, this might be a good point for you to ask yourself: do you believe that Jesus is God?

Abraham was confident that God would provide even with "2nd choice" of the lands - and Isaac here seems to be following in his father's footsteps of wisdom.

I also like the naming of the well - "Room Enough." I think sometimes in our world today we can get so competitive with each other, thinking that there is a limited sized pie and we have to get our piece of it! A well near the entrance to Beersheba that is believed to be the well Isaac and his servants dug in chapter 25 verses 23-25: appeared to him on the night of his arrival. “Do not be afraid, for I am with you and will bless you.

Indeed, Soros has already implemented his global agenda in both Georgia and Kosovo.

Known as Obama’s “money man,” Soros’ involvement with Obama’s political career began in 2005 with Soros heavily contributing to Obama’s Senatorial campaign and continued through Obama’s 2007 Presidential launch with huge fundraising operations.

Old Testament - Today's Genesis chapter 26 readings open up with Isaac digging wells - and then moving on when the Philistine's contest the wells.

With his endless purse of money—gotten by sinking the US economy in 2008 and at the same time making billions doing it—to back whatever cause he chooses, Soros has the means to engineer the destinies of entire nations.

Each year, The Campaign for America’s Future holds a “Take Back America” conference, a gathering of DC “progressives,” (a euphemism for “Marxists”).

In 2006, prominent speakers at this conference included Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Senator Russ Feingold, all socialized medicine advocates at the time. The coalition of these groups, which foists its Marxist agenda on America’s domestic life, is steered by the financial and political fingers of George Soros and his Jewish adjuncts.

Below is an aerial map of where Gerar and Beersheba are located, just on the northern edge of the Negev desert (see lower left corner of map):"Abandoning that one, he dug another well, and the local people finally left him alone.

So Isaac called it "Room Enough," for he said, "At last the LORD has made room for us, and we will be able to thrive."" For me this was reminiscent of Abraham giving Lot the choice of lands when there was disputes between their herdsmen.

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supporting Obama’s health care reform plan have failed to capture the enthusiasm of the American people, 60% of which, reject Obama’s scheme to nationalize their medical care.