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Fetish dating charlotte

Tunt is a main character, and is formerly Malory's prattling secretary at ISIS before it became The Figgis Agency.She comes from an extremely wealthy family and has a pet ocelot named Babou.If you just want to pay for a month at a time, then you'll be asked to pay the eye-watering sum of .99 / £14.99, but annual subscriptions work out to .99 / £7.50 a month.That makes it slightly more than a basic Netflix subscription but, depending on your point of view, a whole lot more fun.

She suffers from extreme delusions, one of which Archer and Pam mention was that for a while she thought she was a werewolf and made the rest of the team lock her in the ISIS vault every full moon. The most severe example of her mental illness is her Dissociative Identity Disorder with her time as Cherlene, a separate personality that emerged during Season 5, who claimed that Cheryl was gone.

Her glue habit is shown much less as the series progresses, but the degree of her severe mental illness is further developed.

She is a pyromaniac, and enjoys watching things burn, including buildings.

She was grossed out whenever the subject of Lana's pregnancy is brought up, and was uncomfortable and very reluctant about assisting Archer with helping Lana when she was in labor in San Marcos.

Beginning in the second season, she is shown to be quite mentally unstable and had a habit of huffing/ingesting rubber cement/glue.

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