Boys jacking off chat room

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Boys jacking off chat room

If boys feel an overwhelming desire to masturbate, they need to look at how they handle the issue of lust.

In the Old Testament, the term most often translated “lust” is the same word translated “covet.” In fact, the 10th commandment, which forbids coveting, draws out a possible sexual application: “you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife” (Deuteronomy ).

It’s written for parents, especially scared parents, about how to talk to boys about masturbation. I didn’t even have a name for it for the first several years of my adolescence.

I learned about masturbation probably the same way other guys did: I discovered it on my own. It wasn’t included in any “sex talks” from my parents or the public school system.

In retrospect, most boys feel unprepared for their first ejaculation because they were never instructed about it beforehand.

Most boys experience a mix of emotions, often great pleasure mixed with a desire for secrecy, and one study concludes that this is because it is socially taboo and most parents don’t have any intention on talking to their sons about it.

I felt like I had discovered some kind of secret no one knew about.It wasn’t until I heard a group friends at school joking around about “jacking off” that I discovered that I wasn’t all that unique in my secret habits.When boys get to the age where masturbation becomes a habit linked with lust, how can Christian parents address the subject?How can parents begin talking about masturbation with their sons?In my last article, I addressed the subject of younger children and masturbation—specifically when no lustful fantasy is involved.

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yea, i dont remember exactly how old i was (probably around 10?